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Transfer of our Vehicles from St.Pölten to Ober-Grafendorf

On Friday the 22nd of May 2015 we transferred our “new” rolling stock to Ober-Grafendorf. As you can see in the following videos, this was also a very emotional event for the engineers who drove this engines for their last time.  More images about the transfer can be found via this Link.

© Markus Gregory
Mounting the coat of arms of Ober-Grafendorf by the mayor

Leaving St. Pölten Alpenbahnhof towards Ober-Grafendorf for the last time:

The engines 1099.01, 11 and 16 are now stored under roof in a shed at our local club facilities, 1099.08 is standing outside at the track yard.

© Markus Gregory
Triple 1099 trainset near Matzersdorf
The second trainset with our rolling stock near Nadelbach
© Markus Gregory
The first 2 class 1099 engines arrived at our shed
The Wagon 3252 will be painted in a few days

Purchase and loan of vehicles from NÖVOG to the Club Mh.6

The railway club Mh.6 is glad to announce the preservation of 4 class 1099 locomotives and 4 passenger cars of the Mariazell Railway in cooperation with the local operator NÖVOG and STYX, the new owner of the historic railway facilities in Ober-Grafendorf.
We are excited about this positive development and great step towards our railway museum in Ober-Grafendorf.

The following rolling stock will be transferred to our facilities:


1099.001 (currently not operational, property of Club Mh.6)

1099.08 in Ober-Grafendorf
1099.008 (currently not operational, permanent loan NÖVOG)

1099.11 in Ober-Grafendorf
1099.011 (currently not operational, permanent loan NÖVOG)

1099.16 in Ober-Grafendorf
1099.016 (ready for operation, permanent loan NÖVOG)

Passenger cars:

3245 B (2nd class, )
3257 B (2nd class)
3258 B (2nd class)
4221 BD (2nd class, with baggage compartment)

The passenger cars are almost complete and will be used for our future passenger service between Ober-Grafendorf and Bischofstetten.

*) The photos of the locomotives come from their operating time and, unfortunately, do not reflect the current state of resist