About the Railway Club Mh.6

The Railway Club Mh.6 is located at the roundhouse in Ober-Grafendorf near St. Pölten in Lower Austria. Our volunteers are engaged in various activities around the heritage rolling stock of Austrian narrow gauge railways, in particular the Mariazell Railway.

Our mission is the restoration and conservation of Austrian narrow gauge railway rolling stock for posterity.

The origin of todays activities has been the restoration of the well-known steam Locomotive Mh.6 (M= Mariazell Railway, h= Superheated Steam, 6= 6th built engine of this type) by a group of enthusiasts around engine driver Erich Dürnecker. Over a couple of years, they spent 11000 working hours until the retired locomotive was fully functional reverted to her condition of delivery in 1908.

In addition to the maintenance of the steam locomotive Mh.6, our club members also were involved in the restoration of passenger wagons for the Panoramic 760 consist wagons, which were en route in this special livery on the Mariazell Railway until 2014

In 1998, our club members restored the Austrian federal railways eldest narrow gauge freight wagon (G/s 106, built 1896), which has been found in a very poor condition into a shining masterpiece of Austrian railway history. Since then, It is equipped with a power generator and carried as crew and power wagon with Mh.6 pulled trains on the Mariazell Railway.

Furthermore, we maintain our railway facilities in Ober-Grafendorf. In addition to our steam or diesel locomotives and wagons, visitors there can explore heritage railway infrastructure like our water tower, railway turntable or roundhouse with one of our members.

Please contact us for an individual tour with an english speaking guide.

We appreciate your donation or membership for funding our club activities

Eisenbahnclub Mh.6
Werkstättenstraße 18
A-3200 Ober-Grafendorf

Way to Railway Club Mh.6

Club Mh.6 on Google Maps

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